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Privacy Regulations

Stan is a technical application and platform for Stan emergency aid providers, developed by STAN B.V., a subsidiary company of Transdev Nederland Holding N.V.


The following terms, names and definitions will be used in these Privacy Regulations, unless otherwise specified:

  • Stan: brand name used for all forms of Stan alert, scale-up and emergency aid, facilitated by the alert technology and systems which are:
  • Stan the safety staff: interactive technical platform with alert, signalling and up-scale systems that Stan member organizations can use to monitor, alert and/or upscale their in-house emergency response organization with external Stan emergency aid providers, and link smoke detectors and other devices.
  • Stan the response team: interactive technical platform with alert, signalling and upscale systems for large-scale medical assistance for ambulance care, the fire brigade, the Department of Waterways and Public Works, etc. The platform is meant for a fast, flexibly and competence-based upscaling throughout the healthcare and emergency chain in case of large-scale catastrophes.
  • Stan the CPR network: interactive technical platform to alert Stan emergency aid providers with CPR and AED competences, so that they can improve the survival chances of a cardiac arrest victim in their vicinity by starting CPR while waiting for the emergency services.
  • Stan application: a technical, interactive platform for fast, flexible and competence-based alerts and upscaling in case of emergency.
  • Stan emergency aid provider: a person registered with their specific competences in the database of one of the alert platforms of Stan with the intention to offer their help in emergency aid activities that match their competences.
  • Emergency: an unintended, unwanted situation or event that affects the wellbeing, safety and/or stability of an individual, community or society, in other words, the quality of life and wellbeing.
  • Emergency location: a location in the vicinity of a Stan emergency aid provider where an emergency occurs or has just occurred. This may be a nearby (healthcare) institution, business property or place in a public area.
  • Mobilization coordinator: the person who receives and directs Stan emergency aid providers at the emergency location. This may be the head of the in-house emergency response team of a healthcare institution who has been appointed to coordinate the alerts, evacuation and/or emergency aid.

Stan greatly values privacy and for this reason, we have described how personal data is processed and used in these Privacy Regulations

1. Collection and use of personal data.
Personal data are data that can be used to identify or contact an individual person. When contacting Stan, you may be asked to provide personal data necessary to assist you properly. Only STAN B.V can use or process these personal data in accordance with these Privacy Regulations.

When you subscribe to Stan through the website and/or the ‘app’, we will ask you to accept our terms and conditions and to provide the following data:

Contact data

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

Address and availability

  • Living address
  • Working address
  • Availability (day/time)
  • Certificate data, when subscribing, you can add various competences, including:
  • In-house emergency response certificate;
  • Fire and evacuation certificate
  • CPR and AED certificate;
  • First aid certificate;
  • Life Saving Actions.

Location data

When you download the Stan ‘App’, your location data will be added to these data after you sign in.

2. Why Stan processes personal data

Stan will ask for certain personal data for your participation as a Stan emergency aid provider. Stan handles all personal data with care and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. After you sign up and register as a Stan emergency aid provider, we will check your data. We will also check the certificates you provided, such as an AED certificate and/or First Aid/CPR course, an in-house emergency response certificate, or aftercare and support in case you are called to an emergency. We will warn you on time when a certificate is about to expire. If your certificate has expired, we will not call you to an emergency until you have followed and registered a revision training. You are responsible for keeping your profile up to date.

The availability, competences and location provided with your registration (or the automatically processed location data in case you registered using the Stan App) enable us to notify the right Stan emergency aid providers in the direct vicinity of an emergency. This way, we can avoid calling all Stan emergency aid providers at the same time. After the registration of a Stan emergency aid provider, we process, edit, manage and protect these data as determined in these privacy regulations.

  • To offer your services as a civil emergency aid provider, you can register through the website You will be asked to provide certain personal data.
  • Stan handles, manages and protects all personal data in your profile with care and in accordance with the Dutch and European laws and regulations, including the laws and regulations regarding the protection of (personal) data.
  • We only request and process information necessary to offer, develop and improve our services.
  • The nature of the personal data we process, the way we do that and the way we protect these data against appropriation by third parties, has been recorded carefully, as described in the public reports register of the Personal Data Authority.
  • In some municipalities, Stan has partnerships with regional organizations dedicated, like Stan, to the public interest, such as AED associations. See
  • These Stan partners have an ‘Admin User-account’ with limited access and management rights to select data from Stan’s emergency aid providers file. Within this digitally protected environment, they only carry out those management tasks that are necessary for the partnership.
  • If a Stan-partner organization is active in your region, this organization will manage the data of your registration.
  • Stan’s Partner foundations sign a partner agreement in which they commit themselves to complying with all legal provisions resulting from the Personal Data Protection Act..
  • If you do not want your registration and corresponding data to be managed by a regional partner organization, please send us an email using the contact form on the website.
  • Stan makes sure that third parties will not be able to identify you personally as a Stan emergency aid provider.
  • Your location will be monitored in the app as long as you are logged in. This process stops immediately when you log out or remove the app.
  • In case of emergency, your location will only be sent and, if necessary, ‘overwritten’ for specific Stan alerts, if you are logged in and you have enabled the function ‘available’.
  • We only store the last known location from the automatically processed location data, as long as you are registered and logged in.
  • As soon as you log out, the monitoring stops automatically and your data will never be stored.
  • In case of an actual alert, we use your personal data to provide aftercare and support. This depends on the extent to which the alert has led to your being called to action. After you have been called (even if you did not actually provide emergency aid), we will use your data to contact you for an evaluation of the alert.

3. Data storage

Stan makes sure that it is impossible for third parties to identify you personally as a volunteer.

Unless you give your explicit permission, Stan will not use and process your personal data for any purposes other than the following:

  • the provision of its services, including their improvement;
  • contributing to the public interest and promoting civil emergency and general aid provision;
  • its own internal research objectives;
  • to inform you through the Stan newsletter;
  • providing aftercare and support.

We will always contact you personally before processing your personal data for new/additional Stan services.

4. Cookies

A cookie is a small file that is saved on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies to monitor the page view data and to make the access to the website easier for you. This way, for example, we keep track of the most frequently visited pages, which allows us to tailor our website’s layout to this. No other special personal data are incorporated in this technology. If you do not want us to use cookies, you can select the option ‘cookies off’ in your browser, or ask your browser provider for the right settings.

5. Disclosure to third parties

Unless we have been granted permission explicitly, we will not use your personal data for marketing or other purposes. However, Stan may be forced to surrender your personal data under Dutch laws, in case of legal procedures or upon request from government bodies. For matters of national security, maintenance of law and order, or the public interest, Stan may be obliged to surrender your personal data. In case of a reorganization, merger or sale of our organization, we will transfer the personal data we collected to the party involved.

As soon as your registration as a Stan emergency aid provider is finished, your account is subject to these privacy regulations.

6. Emergency services and victims

Stan will not share your personal data with the emergency services and/or victims, unless this is legally required. Of course, you are free to identify yourself to the emergency services and victims if you wish.

7. Protection of personal data

Your personal data that are known to Stan, are protected by various solid security measures, tailored to the nature and the sensitivity of the information. These measures vary from access control to organizational and technical security measures. Random employees or third parties do not have access to your personal data.

All our online services use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for all web pages where personal data are collected. To visit this digital environment, you need a browser that supports SSL, such as Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. This ensures the confidentiality of your personal data

when you send these via the internet. The log-in data provided with your registration are personal. You should store them carefully and not share them with third parties.

8. Integrity and management of personal data

Stan enables you to keep your personal data correct, complete and up to date easily. You can check and change the data of your registration as a Stan emergency aid provider on your personal page. We store your personal data as long as you are registered with Stan as a civil emergency aid provider.

Stan handles the information of Stan emergency aid providers carefully and we comply with the Personal Data Protection Act.

9. Location-based services

To provide location-based services according to Stan’s possibilities, we collect exact location data including the (real-time) geographic location of the device on which the Stan app has been installed. These location data are collected anonymously so that is not possible to identify Stan emergency aid providers personally.

10. An integral privacy policy

All our employees are familiar with our privacy and security guidelines. Stan ensures a strict application of the rules.

11. Questions about privacy

If you have any questions or comments about these privacy regulations or the processing of personal data, please send an email to Stan using the contact form on our website, where you can also find our other contact information.

We will always inform you in case we change these privacy regulations, for example when the privacy laws change.

Do you want more information about Stan’s activities? Visit our website regularly, call Stan or send us an email and/or read Stan’s Terms and Conditions again.